2008 Elections: Bill Clinton Wants Me to Vote for Obama

2008 Presidential ElectionsBill Clinton left me a voicemail yesterday, asking me to support Barack Obama. The one call on the day before elections was not too bad compared to the daily (sometimes twice a day) calls I was getting from John McCain’s camp, which felt more like a bill collector than a friendly persuasion call. Plus there are the other tons of local political recordings from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Janet Napolitano, corporate commission candidates, and so forth. All in all, my phone is ready for this day to be over with.

My words of advice for today is to know that:

  • Your vote does count. I’ve heard several people say that their state is projected to go for one candidate, so they were not going to bother with voting for the other. This is just silly. Put your vote in anyway. Be a part of democracy.
  • On the flipside, if you do not like any of the presidential candidates, do not vote for someone you do not believe in just to say you voted. Do not vote for someone just because your parent/boss/spouse is supporting them. Vote for someone because you believe in what they stand for and that they will do what they say the will do.
  • Remember that local elections are important too. Read up about the propositions on the 2008 ballot and make decisions about your school district, reforming the payday loan system, defining marriage, increasing renewable energy, promoting cleaner fuels, helping disabled veterans, and more.

To see what people are saying on election day about Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin, check out Twitter’s Election 2008 coverage, Plurk the Vote, or do a Twitter search on local candidates and propositions.

Happy Voting Day!


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    In Indonesia, we had a long history of having just one candidate in elections. It’s certainly not a good idea. Our democracy started in 1997. Since then, lots of parties (more than 10) competed in elections. So, husbands and wives, our friends, our bosses most likely have different candidates to support!
    Congratulation on your new president!

    Dila http://www.parents-children.blogspot.com

    Dilasari Hidayats last blog post..Count your blessing, Parenting children: Wonderful children are every where around us

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    @Vicki: Thanks.

    @Jen: And so we did! :)

    @Kim: That is very true. People don’t always appreciate something that they didn’t have to fight for.

    @Brian: I think either way, people were going to lean towards the Democratic side this election. It seems that way at least.

    @Bhavin: They sure do.

    @Dilasari: That would be interesting, to have more than two options, because you know that the smaller parties don’t stand a shot to those. Thanks.