An Unexpected Addition to the Family

For the last couple of days, my husband and I have heard meowing. At first, I though it was either one of the local outdoor cats roaming the neighborhood or someone’s cat sitting in the window watching birds. But on the second day, I woke up and realized the cry was coming from the same place as the previous day.

Although we had tried looking for the little meower before, we tried again this morning. Since he was louder, it made it a little easier to pinpoint the location – underneath a mattress on a neighbor’s patio. I knocked on their door and asked if they had a cat. They said no. I then let them know that there was most definitely a cat on their patio, and if it wasn’t theirs, I’d catch it for them.

Five minutes later, I returned to their patio with a cat carrier. They moved the mattress, and out popped a kitten. And popped he did – I had to tackle him, which fortunately just meant I had to pin him down with one hand. Although he wasn’t a happy camper, he didn’t bite or scratch me either.

Back at my house, I grabbed some cat food and water and put it in the carrier with him. I left him alone for a bit and returned to see he had ate half the food, including a bite-sized shrimp. An hour later, I took him to the vet for a checkup.


The vet estimated he was no more than a month old, probably stray but at the age that, with regular human contact, he would be people friendly. Amazingly his tests came back good – no FIV or parasites. So back home with me he came.

We had considered giving him up for adoption, but after 24 hours, it was no longer an option. We were hooked on our new addition. Say hello to a cleaned up and happy Oliver!