Artistic Rendering

She cannot begin to express to you
how she truly feels, except
through her artistic rendering.
As a painter who places paint on
a canvas. As a photographer who
uses the lens of her camera to
capture the beauty of a single
moment. As a poet who writes from
her heart, ink like crimson, bleeding
onto the page. She paints her canvas,
utilizing her senses as brushstrokes.
She breathes in slowly the cologne
in the air. She looks all around,
focusing on the sparkling color of your
eyes, the placement of art on the
walls. She listens to the song playing
in the background, taking note of the
romantic lyrics. Her hands feel the
texture of your clothes, smoothness
of your skin. She tastes your sweet lips,
deep kisses, the salt on your body.
All of these things she does, creating a
photograph in time, etching the moment
eternally in her mind. She does these
things because beautiful moments
pass by so quickly with the possibility
of never coming around again.
But with memories so visceral, so vivid,
she has a way that nothing can
take from her to return to these times,
the emotions, rawness, vulnerability,
pain. All which makes us what we are,
better than robots, computers
technology. All that makes us human.


  1. says

    @Christopher, Ana & Debbie: Thanks. I have this tendency to really absorb a moment with all my senses, in hopes that one day, I will be able to think about that moment, and remember it this fully.

  2. says

    I saw this sweet artistic rendering San Fransisco T-shirt today, and was tempted to buy, but I couldn’t. I’ve never been to Frisco, and it just felt wrong of my to buy it, like false advertising. Does anyone else feel this way?