Bleeding Words

The words I dare not say
Bleed out of me
Ink from the barrel
Inside a pen onto fibers
Of the blank paper
Beneath my hand
Increasingly chaotic strokes
No handwriting analysis
Could decipher as
The shape of the letters
Change the further down
The page I get
Starting barely legible
Ending wildly distorted
With tear stained streaks
Smearing the ink
Across the surface


  1. Uncle Pete says

    The use of metaphor measures the poem – keeping the visual to a narrow focus of author, pen, ink and paper. It could be said that the author wishes to enlighten the reader to the idea that even though the inanimate objects seem simple in form and focus, they come to life in a very complex symphony that occurs when all the elements come together.

    There is very real chaos to the poem as it does not follow any rhyme or reason. You read along knowing that it is building up emotion and that morbid curiousity will see this poem end in a wonderful cataclysmic clap of thunder or crescendo into a bright flash of lightning-like enlightenment!

    Tear-stained streaks speak of pain, loss and sorrow (A tear-stained letter perhaps?) At the very end of this poem, we find the ink is now as distorted and chaotic as the letter and could be seen to signify the authors own feelings and emotions at the time of their writing.

    Deciphering is not the key – bearing witness to the chaos and gaining empathy toward the authors emotional distortion is what this poem is all about!

  2. says

    Love all of your poems. People don’t realize how freaking hard it is to do stuff like this, and that it takes rael talent. Bleeding words was a great title name. Keep up the rhymes!