Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

For Blog Action Day 2008, the topic is poverty. There is poverty at every level: locally, nationally, and globally. When we think about that, the thought that typically goes through a person’s mind is what can one person do?

In terms of monetary donations, bloggers are asked to donate today’s earnings through these organizations to track the fund-raising success of Blog Action Day. You can also donate to a charity of your choice. If you are not sure which one to choose, you can find various charities and their ratings at Charity Navigator.

You can also help on a local level. Whenever you are planning to get rid of clothing, blankets, or other necessities that are still in usable condition, instead of just throwing it in the trash, find a nearby donation bin, church, or other organization that collects these things for those in need.

If you come across someone asking for spare change, give it to them. Sure, some have the argument that some people may ultimately use your spare change for alcohol or cigarettes instead of food and shelter, but not all are that way. For example, once I was approached outside of a fast food drive thru, and was asked for money. I did not have cash that day, but offered to buy him food instead. I got a couple of value meals, and when I picked them up, him and his family were all waiting under a tree nearby, and were very thankful.

So keep in mind, there are always ways you can help. If everyone did just a little, it would add up to a lot in the end. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to add it to the comments. And if you have a blog, get involved by publishing for and promoting Blog Action Day 2008.


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    Every few months we take the clothes my son has outgrown to a local collection place. I’ve printer & camera to give away as well, but those items aren’t accepted everywhere.

    Throwing usable items in the trash is plain lazy. I too posted for Blog Action Day’s 2008 topic. Poverty is complex and far-reaching, but there are many good solutions too.

    Hopefully more people will be educated about it.

    Pamir | Reiki Help Blogs last blog post..Blog Action Day: Poverty

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    @Kris: It’s nice to know that lots of people will be putting focus on such an important topic today.

    @Pamir: I think with the number of people who will be focusing on this topic today, many great solutions will be suggested, as everyone is coming from different parts of the world with different experiences. It should open many people’s eyes to the ways they can help.

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    hi kristi, it’s nice to see you have participated in this noble act. it’s good to see so namy bloggers caring and trying to make a difference.

    i know that we can bring a change…

    peace and blog on.

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    @Ben: I have looked at that plugin. It will be next on my list once I get a few other things added on here. I’m sometimes afraid my blog will explode if I add another one on.

    I don’t think I used an invitation code. I checked my emails and didn’t find one at least. I was hoping they had a way to invite your friends, but I didn’t see that option either.

    @irtiza: I was very excited about it when I first came across a badge for it a month ago, and I agree – it’s great that there are so many bloggers participating.

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    What a wonderful post, Kristi. My wife and I give clothes and furniture to these causes, and whenever I have some extra money I’m sending it to someone for poverty and other causes. I have to admit, though, that I did stop some time ago giving money and change to people on street corners and the like, mainly because it seems like once you start, and they remember you, that you’re a target, and I don’t like being a target, even for other charities.

    Mitchs last blog post..Blog Action Day Tomorrow

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    @Jaffer: Very true. People who want to do something will eventually come around to simple ways to do so.

    @Mitch: I guess I don’t see the same people that often around my area. The ones I have seen a few times though, I would just wave and they would wave back if I didn’t have cash on me that day. Pretty friendly, and not too pushy.

    The only time I have felt pushed around by an organization I donated something to was when I donated blood. I couldn’t do it for awhile, because I was told my blood pressure was too low at one of the locations, but they started calling me, daily, like a bill collector. It was kinda irritating.

    @Ben: I haven’t seen much traffic from that network, but I haven’t been on there much lately either.

    Also, what threaded comment plugin do you use? I tried one out this morning, but it didn’t work.

    @Tine: It’s good that there are more events to bring light to the subject. Thanks for sharing my post. :)

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    Hi Kristi

    You live in Arizona, right? I think giving spare change in the Southwest is easier than it is on the East Coast. Or maybe it’s because I live right in the city – you do see the same people everyday. One thing that I do is carry food around with me – apples, peanut butter sandwiches and give that to people when they ask me for change. I almost always have food with me because my daughter eats non-stop :-)

    I agree with you though – people may do something wrong with the change that you give them but I like to believe that people are honest and are going to buy food with it. And, hey, if I was living on the street, I would probably want a cigarette and a beer too. There is no shame in being made a fool of in the name of charity. Ultimately, it is probably better to give the money to a food bank. Things are so tough right now that even people who are working don’t have enough food. Our local organization, Philabundance, is able to feed each person for 30 cents! So, even if you only have an extra $10 you can provide 30 meals.

    Kim Woodbridges last blog post..Writing: First Article at Environmental Graffiti

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    @Kim: Yes, I’m in Phoenix, but not in the downtown area. Most of the people I see vary at gas stations and at intersections. That is really awesome that you carry food around with you. That says a lot about the giving type of person you are, which is very awesome!

    @Ben: I’ll give it a try. I do a daily backup of my blog, after reading various posts about blogs being hacked and crashing after the updates.

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