Changing My Moving Perspective

This weekend, my fiancé and I began working on packing up my apartment so we could fully be moved in together, and finally stop paying double in rent, since we have been living with each other for the last 2 and a half months anyway.

I have been dreading the packing process, because of my past moving experiences, including the bad scenarios that led up to a lot of my moves, having a Uhaul catch on fire, losing all of my journals from through high school (because I had a stack of boxes that were trash, and a stack that needed to go in the truck, and my helpers threw away both stacks), and having a super rushed, messy packing process the last time I moved, although the move itself was ultimately the best thing I ever did, considering it’s how I met my fiancé!

He, on the other hand, has had nothing but good experiences moving, and he made our first day of packing very fun. I really should not have expected less, considering how wonderfully we get along – he even makes days where I have migraines a treat with his pampering techniques.

So the moral of the story for me is that I have to let go of past experiences, and look at new ones with an open mind. I have been applying that in many other areas, but I still come across situations that I have to remind myself that history does not always have to repeat itself – especially under better circumstances and with the right people around.

Personal Awareness

One of the many wonderful things I am taking away from the Intentional Achievements class is becoming more aware of myself. Really noticing the ways I react to things, and then taking the time to analyze them and determine why I react. Then with that knowledge, figuring out how to change my perspective.

For example, two things I thought of during class last night (that I also shared with my fiancé over a yummy warm, cast iron baked cookie) were the following:

What: Nervousness to talk in groups.
Why: Fear of being either ignored, or considered silly to stupid for my thoughts.
Change/Result: Once I let go of worrying about what others think, I was able to speak up louder (taking care of any chance of being ignored) and really share my thoughts. Not only that, but I found that I do have something interesting and intelligent to add to many conversations.

What: Censoring myself when talking to people, even with those I should trust.
Why: Sharing things with others in the past have cruel judgment, being viewed from that point on in a negative way, etc.
Change/Result: I have learned that with the right person, there will not be negative reprocations. The right person is someone who is truly loving, supportive, open minded, and trustworthy. When I let go and shared things in my past, not only was I not judged, but I was admired more for my ability to realize problems and implement change. That, in turn, made me feel much stronger than I ever have before.