Emotional Residue from Dreams

This morning, I woke up feeling particularly snarky. In recent months, with exception to times I was sick, I have always woke up in a blissfully sunny mood, but not today. And I am sure it is from what I like to call emotional residue from a dream I had. The fact that I cannot remember the details of the dream just adds to my snarkiness, although I am certain that it involved a massive fight with my ex. I was aware early on in the morning that something was out of balance, but it was not fully apparent until morning tennis practice. No matter how much I tried to shake the feeling off, it surfaced in the form of the worst practice I have ever had – my serves were way off, and I was much harder on myself for my usual beginner’s mistakes. I have since settled my nerves, and am feeling much better, thanks to some extra special attention from my fiancé. But it just goes to show that subconscious things can really affect me in ways that are a bit hard to control.

Physical Pain Coming Through Dreams

I have noticed that if I am having some sort of physical pain, it finds its way into my dreams. For example, many years ago, I remember this vivid dream that I was standing in the middle of a dark maroon room. The room had glass walls. All around the outside of this room, there were vampires, standing and staring at me. Telepathically, as they stared at me, they sent sharp, stabbing pains towards my stomach, like being punctured over and over again by invisible swords, and there was nothing I could do but stand there and suffer. Then, when I awoke, I found I was having some moderately severe stomach pains.

I was reminded of that dream after last night’s dream of similar theme. The dream began as I and another person (who I would swear at times was represented by Brian Austin Green from 90210) were escaping from this building. From whom were running, I was not sure, but we were being followed by two dogs. We stopped in a room at a hotel, and encountered the first dog, which was this rather friendly looking pooch. It just sat on a cabinet nearby us, watching. I assumed that this dog probably had some type of monitoring or tracking device that would lead to our capture, so I decided that we should make a run for my truck, which was right outside. The second dog, a German Shepherd, was sitting in the truck bed, but I was pretty confident with the remote door opener, I could get in quickly enough. Apparently, I was wrong. I ran, opened the door, got into the driver’s seat, but before I could close the door, the dog reached around and bit me in the neck. This was when I awoke to a very sore and achy left side of my neck, presumably from sleeping in a strange position.

The moral of both dreams: maybe I should take some Advil before I go to bed!

Scientists Gone Bad

This was a very complex dream, considering all of the ethical and moral dilemnas that were brought up.

I dreamt that I was kidnapped, along with my cat and a hedgehog, and taken to this complex which conducted some kinds of scientific experiments.  As soon as I arrived, the entire building was being filled with gas, and I happened upon an oxygen mask nearby, so I used it and shared it with my cat.  Unfortunately,  I could not share it with the hedgehog because it’s face was too small, and ended up finding an open window later to toss it out of so it could escape.

Eventually, I found a conference room where all of the top scientists were discussing their master plan.  They were trying to find a way to take children and set their body ages back by a couple of years.  The goal was if any children were kidnapped, even if they were found, they would not be the age they were supposed to be, and thus, the real parents could not prove it was their child.  Needless to say, I was horrified.

I began arguing with them, trying to find something they could relate to.  That they were tampering with nature, and it would be bound to catch up to the children as they grew older and began to have age-related problems that did not make sense because they were supposedly 2 years younger.  I asked if anyone had children of their own, and how they would feel if someone kidnapped their child, then they were found and you knew they were yours, but you could not get anyone to believe you because your child was 10, and this child was biologically manipulated to be 7.  There was no sympathy for my arguments.  And then, I awoke.

Hindenburg Meets Tsunami

Last night’s dream, as all of my dreams are, was strangely interesting.  I dreamt I was back in Mississippi at a reception after a funeral.  During the reception, there was this one person whose eye I kept catching.  At the end, when everyone was starting to leave, everyone left in one of two vessels: a wodden sailboat (minus the sails), and this big Hindenburg-like blimp.  Those on the sailboat, including myself, were just standing, and holding onto to the center pieces of the boat, whereas those on the blimp were put into these individual containers standing straight up, each with a number on it.  As both were sailing along, I looked out into the ocean and saw this huge tsunami wave coming.  After it hit, only the sailboat was remaining – I knew that everyone on the blimp did not make it.

Then, the time changed, and we were just boarding the vessels again after the reception.  This time, I knew what was going to happen, and knew that I wanted to get this one person off the blimp.  So I called over to them, and finally figured out what number his container was.  I opened it up, and at this point, the container and he were very tiny, so I put him into an Advil bottle in my pocket.  And of course, as last time, the waves crashed over the sailboat and the blimp again was gone.  I looked into my Advil bottle, and it was empty as well.

I am not even sure where to start in looking this one up for interpretations.