The Geek Girl’s Guide to Camping

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I went on my first camping adventure at Lo Lo Mai Springs Campgrounds near Sedona, Arizona. Ok, it’s not completely roughing it considering there was indoor plumbing available. And a little store with the basics. But nonetheless, it was my idea of a good camping experience. First of all, while it was a bit chilly, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous with the fall colors still on display.

Campgrounds at Lo Lo Mai Springs Resort

I spent my day alternating between long walks, photographing the fall colors to hanging out inside the tent to stay warm.

Peeking Outside the Tent

Now if you’re a girl geek like me, you have to have some stuff to keep you busy. Here’s a look at what I had inside the tent with me for the day.

Girl Geek Camping Supplies

That’s right. What you see here are my essentials including:

Of course, with all of that technology, you’d think I had to worry about the batteries all dying out on me right? Wrong!

Charging My iPad and Droid 2

It was the perfect first camping experience, and I didn’t even have to give up my girl geek comforts!