You’re Invited to Our Online Baby Shower

It’s not too often that I post something completely personal on my blog, so I hope you don’t mind the interruption to your usual blogging and social media tips!

Just in case we’re not connected on Facebook, I wanted to invite you to a unique event. My husband and I are expecting our first baby blogger this December. Since our friends and family are spread out throughout the world, we have decided to against tradition and throw an online baby shower! And since I count many of my readers as friends, I wanted to make sure you were invited!

The event is set up on Facebook. If you didn’t receive a direct invitation, just click the Join button at the top of the event page and you’re in!

The Plan

For the next several weeks, we will be holding various baby-related trivia games on the events page. There will be one grand prize trivia game near the end, the winner of which will receive a 16″x24″ (width may vary depending on photo chosen) print compliments of Jason Hines Fine Art Photography!

The Presents

We’ve got lots of clothes and bedding sets already, but we’re still in need of the little things: cloth diapers, pacifiers, bottles, toys, bath stuffs, and other odds and ends. If you’d like to get us something, we’re registered at Babies R’US and Amazon. Please order by September 30th so they arrive before the online party! And note that you are welcome to join the event with or without sending a gift! :)

The Favors

I have two eBooks on the way – a fresh update to the Blog Post Promotion Guide due out in mid-September and a social media eBook (title TBA) due out in October. Anyone who sends a baby gift gets their choice of one of these eBooks when they are released PLUS a mention on Kikolani and my personal blog! And for anyone who wants to send me their mailing address, I’d love to send you a handwritten thank you too!

The Online Party

On October 13th at 2PM EST, we will host an online Google+ hangout where we open presents and say thanks to all of the awesome folks who have helped us celebrate the addition to our family!

Even if you can’t attend the hangout, you can still join the event on Facebook, especially if you’re into silly baby trivia games. My husband and I hope you can join us to celebrate! Please email me if you have any questions!

The First Prenatal Visit & Hearing the Heartbeat for the First Time at 9 1/2 Weeks

One thing I hadn’t counted on between the time I found out I was pregnant to the first prenatal visit was the anxiety. There were days I felt pregnant, and days where I felt normal. On the latter days, I always worried that something might be going wrong. At seven weeks, I actually hoped for morning sickness to know that things were progressing normally. A few days later, I got my wish.

So today, on my first prenatal visit, my main goal was to hear the heartbeat. I knew that 9 and a half weeks was a bit early, so I tried to keep my hopes to a minimum.

First, they did the standard blood pressure check, blood draw for labs, and other basic tests. Then we had a lovely conversation with my midwife Connie who I adore. Although I had lots of questions about what’s safe, what’s not, and here’s a list of the tons of supplements I take, I was really just ready to listen to the heartbeat.

At the end of the appointment, it was time. It took her a minute to find it – considering the little bump is only the size of an olive, that is no surprise. But then, she found it. I can’t begin to describe how relieved and happy I was, so much so that I burst into tears. For those that know me well, I’m not the cry in public type.

It was the most amazing moment. Connie said the heartbeat sounded perfect, and she hugged me when I got up from the table. It was a very, very happy moment!

Preggie Pops – Treating Morning Sickness with Candy

One of the fun discoveries I made at my local Destination Maternity store today was Preggie Pops.


Preggie Pops are little candies that help ease morning sickness and help with sudden blood-sugar drops if you are away from food for longer than planned. I’m partial to the sour raspberry flavor (those went first), but they are all good. I definitely recommend them – they help tame the constant queasiness that comes with the first trimester.

Hives – Unrelated, or a First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom No One Talks About

Thus far, everything about my first trimester of pregnancy has been pretty textbook. A little morning sickness here, there, and everywhere. My wardrobe is already starting to feel snugger than usual. Essentially, the things I expected to happen are happening, and it’s no big thing.

Until this week. Until the dreaded hives.

Hives are not an official symptom of pregnancy, at least not according to my primary care physician, old OB/GYN, or my current midwife. Dr. Google (aka Google search) revealed lots of women who complained of hives in the first trimester due to the shifts in hormones.

The sad part is because I’m expecting, there is little that can be done about the hives.

These were not just little razor-burn like hives either. They started out that way Monday afternoon, but by Tuesday they had taken over a good 80% of my body – everywhere except my stomach, feet, and fingers. The bumps turned to humps turned to continents. All anyone could suggest was Benadryl, Aveeno anti-itch cream, and oatmeal baths.

Thankfully, I had an appointment to see my acupuncturist on Wednesday. She was the first person who seemed really shocked by what was going on, probably because she got to see it all in full bloom in person. Thankfully, she had the cure. One treatment. Just one. By Thursday morning, half of the hives had either disappeared or receded and the itching had ceased. By Friday, I looked like a normal person again and not a big red swollen mess.

Definitely notify your OB/GYN or midwife if you are having hives. But if you can’t get relief, try acupuncture. I highly, highly recommend it.

How to Tell Your Husband Your Pregnant

When you’re a book nerd like me, your automatic inclination is to tell your husband that you’re pregnant using a book. At the time, Jason had a nasty habit of swiping my iPad when he wanted to show his friends his latest canyoneering photos. I kept joking around that I was going to buy him his own iPad. He didn’t want one because he would rather spend the money on a new camera lens or hiking bag.

Since I didn’t get the pregnancy test confirmation until after he left for work, I had all day to think about how I would tell him. In the end, I went to my local Barnes & Noble and picked up the following book.

My Boys Can Swim - The Official Guy's Guide to Pregnancy

I wrapped My Boys Can Swim inside my iPad box. When he came home from work, I gave him his “brand new iPad” that he wasn’t fully convinced he wanted. Imagine his surprise when he didn’t find an iPad inside, but this instead! Of course, in his usual fashion, he said he knew something else was up. :)