Who You Are Meant To Be

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I saw a quiz on an Oprah magazine entitled “Who You Are Meant To Be” and was intrigued for the first time by an article in an Oprah magazine. I did manage to keep my willpower and not buy the magazine, assuming that the quiz would be online. Sure enough, I was right.

Taking this quiz shows one thing about Geminis with an artistic temperament – you never fully lean in one particular direction. In the past, quizzes that ended in “Mostly A’s mean” have been unsuccessful in determining my nature, as I would have an almost even mix of each option. Usually there was one option that was significantly lower than the rest, but never an option that has been significantly higher.

In the Who You Were Meant To Be quiz, you are asked a series of questions to find out what you are striving for in life which will define who you want to be. There are seven areas that you can fall into, with most people having one dominate area and strength in two or three areas. I managed to have five strong areas, with no obvious dominance. Here are my five strengths.

I am an Intellectual – Score of 18

While I don’t believe that I come off smug and arrogant, I have to admit that I do withdraw into my own little world of curiousity, inquisitiveness, and deep thought. Any opportunity to work independently with the sciences, technology, business, or psychology is best for someone striving to be knowledgeable.

I am an Artist – Score of 18

Often, I do take the Lone Wolf stance. I am generally content with only having a few close connections between friends and family. The warning for artistic types is not to over dramatize emotions as it may hurt creativity, but I scoff at this. For many artists, over dramatized emotions are the spark of creativity. Culinary arts, architecture, public relations, sculpting, and painting are areas best for someone striving to be creative.

I am a Nurturer – Score of 17

This one goes against the ideals of an independent intellectual or lone wolf artist, but I agree that I have a strong nurturer instinct. Volunteer work, rescuing animals, nursing, teaching, healing, and social work are best for those striving to help.

I am an Adventurer – Score of 17

An inner born entertainer with a restless streak sounds like traits that I have experienced in my lifetime, for better or for worse respectively. The downside to being a risk-loving thrill seeker is falling into self-destructive, impulsive behavior. But when controlled and directed, it can be a great entrepreneurial strength for those striving to be spontaneous.

I am a Stabilizer – Score of 17

Contrary to my spontaneous side, I am very shaken by changing environments which lead to over-controlling behavior and rejection of anything that goes against my picture of stability. While the suggestions for government, military, finance, law enforcement, and product manufacturing do not appeal to me (probably because they go against my creative, spontaneous side), they are good options for those striving to be secure.

Weakest Links

Striving to be in control and striving to be recognized came in as my weakest strengths, with scores of 15 and 12 respectively. Both suggested a career in politics, which is definitely not something I could see myself getting into.


The capacity to have five strengths that often contradict each other seems somewhat absurd, yet it certainly can have its advantages if one can control using the best of the strengths while avoiding the pitfalls of the weaknesses that come with each area.