What Makes Your Problems Bigger Than Everybody Else’s?


Today, I was watching a clip from Good Morning America of the Ally McBeal reunion to celebrate the complete series finally coming to DVD, and at the end of this part of the interview, they shared this short clip where the character Georgia asks Ally…

Georgia: What makes your problems bigger than everybody else’s?

Ally: They’re mine.

There are so many times that you are feeling stressed or upset about something, and you get mad at yourself on top of it all because maybe that something is trivial in the grand scheme of things, or in comparison to what someone else is going through. You think that you don’t “deserve” to be as worked up over a specific issue, and may even feel guilty about discussing it. You may even find yourself sharing your problem with someone, only to have them remind you how insignificant that problem is – like if you are irritated at something going on at work just to be reminded that you should simply be happy to have a job.

While you should consider all of the good things to be grateful for, there are times that your problem is bigger than everything else simply because it is yours. Don’t sweat the small stuff is easy to say to someone else when you are not currently sweating their small stuff. No two people feel, react and deal with things exactly the same. Therefore, while there may be many more tougher trials in life than what you are facing, remember that you can’t get down on yourself for feeling strongly about something – that something is yours to deal with. You, no one else but you, is experiencing it, so you cannot let anyone else or even yourself downplay what is important to you.