Roger Federer US Open Champion 2008 with TrophyThe US Open 2008 has come to a close, and I am so excited to see Roger Federer come out on top. Not only is he a brilliant player with excellent footwork going into his shots, but he’s also a Goodwill Ambassador, involved in many charities, and quite entertaining as well. Federer have been ranked #1 going into the US Open if he had not battled a case of mononucleosis this year which affected his play. Despite that, he still went to many tournaments and the Olympics in Beijing and put forth his best effort, which paid off in the end with his 5th US Open Championship.

While watching the match last night, Jason made a great comment. In the second set, one of the line judges missed the fact that one of Federer’s shots had went out of bounds, and although Murray did not challenge, he was visibly frustrated about the call not being made, considering he would have won that game. One of the commentators then went on and on about how the challenge system was not working the way it should, when effectively, without the computer-generated review, no one would have known and the situation would have turned out the same. At this, Jason said that in baseball, there are times that balls should be strikes, or strikes should be balls. It is out of the player’s control when things like that happen. But what really counts is how they come out of it – how they shake it off and play after the fact.

That can be applied to all areas of life. Things are going to happen that do not fit according to plan, are not fair and are out of our control. We can come to a complete stop, sulk, get angry, whine and so on. It takes a lot of work to tell ourselves to shake those kinds of things off. But we can keep going, doing the best we can with the circumstances dealt to us. We can practice this in simple ways, such as saying we will have a good day regardless of the fact that we got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. We can not let one thing going wrong overshadow the rest of things that have the greatest potential of going right.