Coincidences: Do You Notice?

Do you notice little coincidences? Perhaps think they are a sign?

Last night, my fiancé told me about making a wish when the time is 11:11. I had never heard of this before. Then this morning, while surfing the Postsecret blog, I saw this:

Postsecret 11:11 Make a Wish

It reminded me of how the universe gives us little hints or nudges in the right direction if we are aware of the little things in life. Two examples of how this worked in my life include:

  • Driving the same style vehicle, liking water at room temperature, and several other similar details led to knowing I found my soulmate.
  • Seeing a pharmacy worker with the same name of an old friend from many, many years ago led me to looking her up online. Sure enough, I found her, and now we talk often.

So my challenge to you: when you stumble upon a coincidence, give it a little thought. You never know what it could lead to!


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    The trouble with coincidences for someone single like me is that they can be taken to be an indicator of something special, when nothing special is happening and it could be trouble to assume otherwise.

    Coincidences are awesome when shared with people you love who love you back; the best can be when you find love where you don’t expect it through them. But it’s a risky business – I wish I could be more positive, but I think a lot of us have been through the painful side of them.

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    An old friend told me that one of my best friends at school was working in the same town. In the evening I met him in the supermarket. If I would not have been reminded of him before, I´m sure I wouldn´t have recognized him. It was a coincidence and beeing reminded make me able to see…

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    I love these co-incidences and finding these 11:11 appearing more and more.

    I remember reading that in this age of enlightenment seeing this number is about an unfolding of your own personal spiritual evolution so keep looking out for them cause you’ll be seeing them more and more :)

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    @ashok – I agree, there are many times where we think something more of an incident, and it proves to be disappointing. I have experienced many of those myself. But I think sometimes it is worth the risk of looking into things and taking a risk based on them. One day, there will be a reward making all of the pain seem worth it.

    @Tine Steiss – That is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about. Like some bigger force wants to make us more aware of the potential opportunities around us.

    @ Haroun – Very interesting. I think the more open you are, the more you will see.