Light Switch

Like a light switch
flipped off
an illuminated room
quickly goes dark

I cannot see
although so much
surrounds me
it feels like only
emptiness exists

My choices now
are to stay
in this darkness
or to fight to find
the switch

And I am unable
to do more
until the lights
are on again


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    @zunnur: This is true. I also feel that the longer you stay in the darkness, the more comfortable you become in it to the point that you lose the will to fight your way out.

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    this is beautiful. :]

    thanks for your comment on “dreams and reality”. you have a really enlightened insight. it gives me hope though, that this fascination of escaping my reality will only be phase.
    i wake up and ask myself “are you going to fight the world today?” on the days i pick no, that’s when dream, all day.
    but on the occassions i pick yes, i actually live. i make choices consciously aware of the affects. and whether bad or good, i feel so much deeper than i do when i’m dreaming, which is best described as a haziness ignorance.

    <33 much love,

    mermaids last blog post..Blog Action Day 2008: Challenging the Image of Poverty

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    @mermaid: Thanks. I guess it is all my experience in spending more time daydreaming and playing the “what if” games in my mind, and less time actually focused on making my reality better than my dreams. It took a lot of work, but now I can say most days are much better in reality than in my dreams… but I do have some really freaky dreams too. :)

    @Sire: I think that boils down to the good comes from supportive, loving people, and the bad from selfish people.