Moonlight illuminates
one of the tallest fountains.
It sprays up so high
it looks like it will touch the stars.
Javelinas, one, then two,
a third, then a fourth come out,
wandering around us,
foraging in the dark,
roughhousing like children.
Ducks swim along,
quacking, flying away across the lake.
Bats zip by, so quickly
you wonder if
that is really what you saw.
The hours passed, so quickly.
All the while, the
most wonderful thing
that night was the easy conversation,
the smiling, laughing,
total comfort and relaxation.
The perfect reward
for finally having the courage
to change the
occasional crossing of paths
into something more
by simply saying


  1. says

    wow Kristi Nice poem i like moon light, many times when i am Alon in my home then i see on moon and go for infinity, nice poem thanks for write up!!!

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