Out on the Ballroom Floor

Back in September of last year, I wrote the following poem about ballroom dancing. In the comments for my first year of Kikolani post, I realized there are still a lot of readers that were here when I used to write poetry. So I decided to bring back this piece of writing with a little something extra.

Why don’t you take me
Out on the ballroom floor
And dance with me
Holding my body close
As we whisk, twirl and spin
Give no regards to footing
Or making the proper moves
For on this night, there are
No technicalities or faults
Forget anyone else is around
Romance me out there
Because when we dance
I feel as if we are flying
Soaring gracefully as eagles
Love lifting us up high
When secure in your arms
You are my prince, and I
Your princess, your Cinderella
Let us have a fairytale waltz
Making this moment magical
Where we can embrace
An eternity in the duration
Of a single romantic song
As we glide, hand in hand
And forever, heart to heart

So what is the little extra? I finally had the opportunity to do my first dance performance at a showcase last week. Here is video of my husband and I doing a fun Viennese Waltz. It was a lot of fun, from the super nervous heart racing while I stepped out onto the floor, to the excitement of hearing the crowd while we performed our routine. Hope you enjoy!

View our Viennese Waltz in HD on Youtube.


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    I don’t believe it, I am such the opposite. I can’t keep to the beat, I feel clumsy, a;though I have never stepped on anyone’s toes, far from graceful and therefore I feel like everyone’s eyes are on me.

    Perhaps if I can keep your poem in my mind the next time my wife drags me onto the dance floor I can concentrate on my love for her and the rest will go away.

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    @Sire – That is what you have to do. Forget about how it looks on the outside to others and just go with what you feel. :)

    @Alexander – I will have to download that song. The lyrics search is not going so well.

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    i like your song or poem, it smells only love, cause being in love is like heaven. feeling is love that you are telling here. great, go ahead.

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    Wow that poem to me reflects what every woman would want a nice guy to treat her like a lady take her out make her feel special and throw a little romance in your dance moves.Why do we men get that.Or sadly we do for the first few months.You just gave me an idea:)
    I’m going to ask my wife out on a date;)
    Excellent writing and the blog looks great

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    This poem brings me back to 3 years ago when my Darlin and I were dancing regularly, both in and out of classes. I became ill with a bad leg however and we had to stop — Now, through use of our personal development, belief that we will dance again and a successful surgery — I will be whisking her around the floor again — cant wait and thanks for the poem!!

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    @amit – Dancing with my fiancé is one of my favorite things because it is very romantic because it is a total mind, body and soul connection.

    @John – I am happy that this piece inspired you, and I hope your wife enjoys the romance as much as I do when I dance. :)

    @Tony – You’re right… an embrace can be more powerful than words.

    @Perry – It’s good that you will be able to do that again. I hope that it is every bit as wonderful as it used to be, and more for the two of you.

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    Your poem is beautiful! I am a ballroom dancer and can truly relate to your poem. Dancing is a romantic experience, besides being a good exercise.

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    @Lisha: Yes, it definitely is. My sweetheart is a ballroom dance instructor, and he is teaching me. Our slow dances are the most romantic.

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    Kristi, I love it! I want to do ballroom/waltz and even salsa dancing with my wife. It’s one of these things we *intend* to do some time but haven’t started up yet. Anyway I loved the routine you did, especially the beginning part!! You look *beautiful* and the dance routine was perfect. Thanks for sharing! – Eric

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  10. iliayako says

    Absolutely beautiful. More video’s needed so keep practicing. Maybe trade a couple of tennis matches for more time on the dance floor?

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    Beautiful dancing, when he isn’t goofing off, hahahaha.

    I’d be doing the same. The waltz has always been my favorite dance, and the V Waltz isn’t too far from, right?

    Lovely poem too. I remember you doing those and liking them then as well. You have a knack for that.

    Mark, it’s called a lap dance. ;) Get yer one’s ready! I’ve seen guys in chairs on the floor. It’s a bit hard for sure, but you can still have as much fun working the chair into the dance.

    I’d still go for the lap dances first however. But that’s me. lol

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    Watching you guys dance gave me a very good understanding on how much you enjoy and respect each other. I could see from the way you looked at each other and the way you held each other that you are really in love! I am so happy for you guys and i wish you all the best. And for the rest of us being single at the moment, i wish we all get a chance to feel the kind of love you guys feel for each other…

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    Wow! Kristi, that was great! Your hubby is so handsome and you two look fabulous dancing together. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed watching the video very much.

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    Wonderful – you and your husband are both beautiful dancers! I love how dancing creates a connection between two people, and that connection really showed in your video. I’ve done some vintage, Civil War-era dancing, but the waltz is something I struggle with – I always turn around my own axis instead of the axis between my partner and me, and thus have problems leading!
    I’ve started my own website recently: http://newmaldon.wordpress.com It’s a series of fictional stories and, although dancing hasn’t occurred yet, it will play a role in some future stories. Hopefully that piqued your interest!

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    Thanks Leon! I actually took lessons for about two years then took some time off. But it was a great experience!

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    @Lonely: I was born with a left and a right, but they sometimes don’t communicate well. :)

    @Visalittleboy: Thanks! I hope to share more again soon.

    @Frank: He definitely has the moves… he’s been doing this for 9 years now. :)

    @Eric: Thanks! It’s definitely a great thing to learn together, bonding and health wise for the exercise. :)

    @Mark: Actually, I went to Youtube and searched “wheelchair ballroom dancing”. They have choreography and competition videos out there.

    @Steve: We definitely had a lot of fun during the routine.

    @iliayako: He loves the tennis too much. I think we’re going to get in a schedule of two lessons a week, which should be good enough for me to learn and not drive him too bananas. :)

    @Wayne: They are different, but I’m not sure technically how. I believe the Viennese is much faster, if nothing else though.

    @The Al: Thanks!

    @Sire: I’m glad you enjoyed it! :)

    @Stratosg: I would hope that everyone could find someone that makes them feel totally loved and respected.

    @Nihar: Definitely should give it a shot… it can be quite fun!

    @WayeYoung: Yes, he made sure to choreograph some fun stuff in the skit to make it humorous too.

    @Lisha: Thanks! He is quite handsome, whether he’s in a cowboy hat & jeans to his formal dance attire.

    @Ben: Sometimes it is just whatever comes, and other times, I’ll use Rhymezone.com for reference.

    @Yasinta: Love is the best gift of all!

    @Jason: Couldn’t help you with that one. I know there are some ballroom dance forums that people may be able to help you with the answer.