Rubber Band

Love is like a thick rubber band
When pulled by time or distance
It becomes unbearably taut
Though it will never rupture
It is still difficult to manage
The ever heightening tension
Until the separation ends and
The hearts are close once again


  1. says

    You know kristi, you’re going to get me writing more poetry on my blog, and I don’t know that readers are going to like that lol.

    Love is like a rubber band? I can definitely see your point, although you may be stretching it a little ‘)

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    Nice theme… well back to the poem. It’s good, really. Though I’m more of an “inspirational poems” person. You should write more and more poems!

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    Hi Kristi,
    I think I am just naturally drawn to “creative types”. I love the clean and elegant look of your site and I love the poetry and painting. I have been a “penciler” for years but I’ve never tried painting. I think I will.

    Talk to you soon,


  4. says

    @Sire: You never know. The one you wrote about urges was quite entertaining. And great pun! :)

    @Lucas: Thanks. I actually have a collection that I have written, and plan on slowly putting them up here, along with the new ones I do.

    @T Edwards: Thank you. You could always lightly pencil a drawing on canvas, and see how the painting goes on top of that. That’s how some of mine were done.