Warm and Fuzzy Feeling Dreams

Last night, I dreamt that my fiancé and I were going to start up our own hospital. We only had four beds available, and we wanted to take four patients out of a nearby facility. The lady we were dealing with wanted us to take all six of her patients, two of which we did not want. One of the patients, who was being neglected, was this Japanese man with a mangled face and no legs. Everyone was ignoring him, but I looked at him and smiled. He looked back at me and smiled as well, which left me all happy inside when I woke up.

My fiancé had a much better and more normal dream than I did – he dreamt that we had a three year old daughter, and he was tickling her. He asked if she liked it, and she said yes. When he told me about that dream over lunch, I was just filled with the warm and fuzzy feelings all over. Especially when he added it made him want a child now. :)

Scientists Gone Bad

This was a very complex dream, considering all of the ethical and moral dilemnas that were brought up.

I dreamt that I was kidnapped, along with my cat and a hedgehog, and taken to this complex which conducted some kinds of scientific experiments.  As soon as I arrived, the entire building was being filled with gas, and I happened upon an oxygen mask nearby, so I used it and shared it with my cat.  Unfortunately,  I could not share it with the hedgehog because it’s face was too small, and ended up finding an open window later to toss it out of so it could escape.

Eventually, I found a conference room where all of the top scientists were discussing their master plan.  They were trying to find a way to take children and set their body ages back by a couple of years.  The goal was if any children were kidnapped, even if they were found, they would not be the age they were supposed to be, and thus, the real parents could not prove it was their child.  Needless to say, I was horrified.

I began arguing with them, trying to find something they could relate to.  That they were tampering with nature, and it would be bound to catch up to the children as they grew older and began to have age-related problems that did not make sense because they were supposedly 2 years younger.  I asked if anyone had children of their own, and how they would feel if someone kidnapped their child, then they were found and you knew they were yours, but you could not get anyone to believe you because your child was 10, and this child was biologically manipulated to be 7.  There was no sympathy for my arguments.  And then, I awoke.