Dreaming of Birds

Recently, I have had two very memorable dreams about birds. The first dream, a few weeks ago, I had this bird in my hand that I thought was dead. But then, it came to life again. Just as I was feeling the joy that my little bird was alive, it fell out of my hand into a storm drain in a parking lot. I was left feeling sad because I did not know if the bird would have survived the fall, and if it did, could it get out. If not, I knew it would starve to death and die in the drain.

The next dream, a few days ago, was about this bird that flew into my vehicle while I was driving. I left the window open, hoping it would fly out again, and it did a few times, but then flew back in. When I held my hand out to it, it would hop onto the back of my hand and just sit there. So I took it inside my house, and fed it. It ate seeds right off of my skin. I left it for a little while, I think to get something out of my car, and came running back home because I felt it was in danger. I found it sitting on the ironing board, and held my hand out. It jumped onto the back of my hand again, and I took it outside, cupping my other hand around it to protect it from bees that I thought were nearby.

The second dream affected me the most. I woke up and spent the entire day really missing this little bird.