The Thought

the thought of seeing you
makes my heartbeat
beat stronger
every time

the light in your eyes
brightens my heart
illuminating my

the way you look at me
pierces straight through
into my

the touch of your hand
creates fire that
only you

the time we are apart
fills my mind with
longing for

Rubber Band

Love is like a thick rubber band
When pulled by time or distance
It becomes unbearably taut
Though it will never rupture
It is still difficult to manage
The ever heightening tension
Until the separation ends and
The hearts are close once again


I welcomed you
Handsome stranger
Into my world
Blithely I let you
Play the role of thief
Stealing my heart
Giving resistance only
To heighten your pleasures
You know fully well
My treasures are
Yours to plunder
Whenever it pleases you
I give my submission
To you as my master
Quench your thirst
With my sweet wine
Fill the hunger
In your soul
With all my love

How Would I

Tonight I lie awake and wonder
If our love was torn asunder
How would I ever make it on my own
Because all I ever want to see
For the future is visions of you and me
Without those I would have no where to go
So I curl up close to hold you tight
Keeping you warm throughout the night
Never wanting to let you go again

Romantic Cravings

Romantic love, when perfect
Brings with it unending hunger
A craving is never to be satisfied
Not like a food, that when we have
Had too much, have our fill
Then lose the taste and need
New flavor to excite us
So if the craving never ends
For the love of another
Our desire for them will go on
To want to drink them in, like a thirst
That will forever be unquenched
Urges that are never fulfilled
Simply for the lack of time
To enjoy every experience
That could be imagined, living
In a never ending paradise