The Perfect Wedding Dress

Last night, I dreamt about my upcoming nuptials. Typically, my dreams are about being at a wedding, but I do not think I have ever been the bride before now.

I was wearing the perfect dress: a strapless ballgown with soft, silky embroidery. The bottom was poofy, but not obnoxiously so. The wedding itself was outdoors, in a beautiful but maze-like garden. It was a bit strange in the sense that everyone was having to walk in a line towards the area where the minister was. I was somewhere in the middle of the line, and my groom to be was already up front. Maybe it was my dream’s compensation for the nervousness that I might feel when walking down the aisle.

Probably the oddest, but funniest part, was that I saw someone ahead of me in line that I have not seen in years, and I told them to google “kikolani” to find my blog. I guess that is a sign that I have been a big blog crazy recently, as someone told me on Twitter the other day.

All and all, I woke up in a nice, romantic mood, which is a great way to start the day. Especially when waking up next to the wonderful man who will be the groom in my real-life, dream come true wedding next year.