Kiss 2020 Goodbye!

Let’s do what we love & lots of it!

So many have reached out about my usual beginning of the year vision board , dreaming and planning workshops and wellness weekends. Well … this year is far from “usual” so I’m creating an opportunity to be part of an amazing group of women – all year long.

I’m building a creative community designed to support creating balance between self-care and work, playing and strategic goal setting, connecting to your source of inspiration and holding each other accountable for our vision for 2021. Together we are going to cultivate the full, loving, and meaningful relationships that matter most to you. We’re also going to reach our goals – no matter how big or small. We’re definitely going to laugh. We’re probably going to cry. We’re going to create a community of fun and supportive women to laugh, cry, talk, connect with and support each other through whatever 2021 throws at us -an accountability group based in love & friendship – to push, pull, or drag us to our best lives in 2021.

To do this – we’re going to get real clear on what we want. I’m building this class around the book that changed my life. The Rituals for Living, Dreambook and Planner from the Dragontree Apothocary. It’s a great tool for creating the life you want most. It’s a class. It’s a journal. It’s a vision board. It’s a planner. It’s $48 for the book. It’s a lot of work – but we’ll do it together and share stories and experiences, ideas and ooops, laughs & tears.

“Anything is possible, when you have the right people there to support you.” – Let’s do 2021 together.

Supplies: Dreambook & Planner (buy yours here) … get ready to change your life in the most positive direction 😊Dates:
January 14th
January 28th.
February 11th
February 26th
March 11th
March 31st

To read all about the event, register and get the details CLICK HERE!

3 Powerful Ways to Keep Going When You Feel Like You Absolutely Can’t

Have you noticed how some people seem to be making the most of pandemic time?

Restaurants have closed. Businesses have failed. People have passed. But, there are still those people in our midst that seem to not only keep going but are actually thriving during this time of uncertainty!

Smiling and waving even. Some of us have even started new businesses and solidified new relationships. 

How dare they? . . . {KEEP READING HERE.}

The Babe AF podcast caught up with me while they are heading into the first installment of a collaboration series with @voyagedallas!  

The first babe on the block is the sweet, our new blonde best friend Kristi McDonald of @sipandshoptx and the new revolutionary app called #Eteacherapp . Be sure to stay tuned to hear all about what is happening in her neck of the East Texas woods and how she is pivoting in the time of Corona. We are so blessed and thrilled to get to sit down with her and learn more about this dynamic blonde bombshell! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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